My father was a designer. In 1969 he graduated from The School of Visual Arts and jumped right into the world of advertising. He worked for big agencies like BBDO and Grey and had high profile clients like Avon and Revlon. As my father got older he became interested in green design and world politics. This led him to an exciting job as the Creative Director of a United Nations publication called The Earth Times and later he opened a small firm with a college friend of mine, Red Rooster Group.

My father was an incredible designer and although in 2002 he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, he continued to worked till just a few weeks before he passed in 2006.

In an effort to pass on my father’s love of good design I started Still Hip Vintage, an online shop filled with his collections of McCoy pottery, rare comic books, limited print design magazines from the 1970s and so much more.

What a wonderful way to share the things my father treasured with others who will appreciate them as he did.